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Drivers Ed in Baton Rouge

Adult and Teen Driver Education in the Greater Baton Rouge Area

With 25 years' experience, Trinity Driving School has been teaching teens and adults how to become safe, confident drivers.

Trinity Driving School is determined to reduce the number of lives lost due to automobile crashes in Louisiana with quality drivers education. From first-time drivers to experienced motorists, Trinity Driving School's comprehensive driver's education courses and state certified instructors provide students with the skills they need to drive smart.

We Offer the following Services

  • Teen and Adult Classroom
  • OMV Written Test
  • Private Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons
  • OMV Road Test

This comprehensive driver's education course is designed to provide students with a foundation of knowledge regarding the rules of the road, LA state driving laws, and the values involved in operating a motor vehicle in a safe and defensive manner. The 38-hour course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, the OMV written exam and 8 hours of one-on-one behind-the-wheel driving time. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to receive a Louisiana Drivers Permit, and will be prepared for the future driving portion of the OMV driver's license exam.

The behind-the-wheel portion of the class includes, but is not limited to, orientation to the car, basic driving procedures, turning the car around, parking the car, driving in reverse, driving on the highway, residential practice driving and driving on the interstate.


4-6 Week Completion Time

Call or text 225-999-7233

30-Hour Classroom

Jul 29 - Aug 1
8:00 am
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Class Dates: Monday thru Thursday July 29thru July31st and August 1st. 8am-4pm Must have TIP card and pay deposit to secure your seat

Aug 4 - 7
7:00 am
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State Mandatory 38 Hour course. Must pay deposit to secure seat and acquire T.I.P card from DMV.

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