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The 14 hour course rate is $525.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we are currently not offering adult classes at this time.


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14 Hr Course  |  $525

Louisiana Law requires anyone 18 years of age or older who desires a driver's license to take a "14 Hour Pre-licensing Course", which includes 6 hours of classroom instruction, the OMV Written Exam, and 8 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel instruction.

This class we offer when we have a full class. You must email us to see that date offered.

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Temporary Instruction Permit 

Driving School Notification

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) will implement the Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP) effective 09/04/2018.

A TIP is a class "E" credential that will indicate "Temporary Instruction Permit" in the header.  All students enrolled in a driver education or pre-licensing course on or after the effective date must present a TIP.  In addition, the student must have the TIP in their possession when operating a motor vehicle during the behind the wheel portion of instruction and when accompanied by a licensed driver education instructor or during the administration of a road skills test.  

A copy of the TIP must be maintained in the students file.  The issue date of the TIP, enrollment date and instruction date will all be verified for compliance.

As all Office of Motor Vehicles identification requirements apply to the TIP, it will no longer be necessary to maintain copies of birth certificates, social security cards, etc.  This will only be necessary if there is not a clear connection of the domiciliary parent to the student.

Upon completion of driver's education, the TIP will be surrendered to OMV along with proof of completion of the appropriate driver's education course and any other necessary documents.  There is no additional cost to convert from the TIP to a Learner's Permit for a minor.  

Additional information is found in Act 317 of the 2016 regular legislative session.